Peg Bushings

This fiddle had an old set of Roth machine pegs installed. It was reamed out almost to the hilt of my reamer, around 9mm. The holes were also somewhat crooked. After glue sizing and scoring the bushings/holes, I let it set over night. I'll start carving them out and flushing them to the surface tomorrow. Not sure if I have enough room to offset them from the old holes enough.

 I need to buy a spiral reamer.  I got the chance to try one out the other day and it had a far more stable feel than my straight cut one. I think the flat edge of the blade against the straight grain of the new bushings tends to catch and chip. On the other hand the curved blade on the spiral reamer cuts at a slight angle avoiding this chatter. That's my theory anyway.


Heel Graft and Neck Reset

The neck of this fiddle had been cracked loose and needed to be reset. To get the right amount of overstand* along with the right projection, I needed to add a little heel lift. I also needed to add some material to the ribs that had been lost when the neck was snapped off. Once this is stained and varnished it will be nearly invisible.

* Overstand is the distance from the top of the instrument to the flat surface of the neck. This small step gives the projection a little head start so that the angle of the neck need not be too extreme. Without this the end of the fingerboard could end up touching the arching on more voluptuous instruments. The angle of the neck would also have to be very sharp to accommodate a bridge of the correct height. Playing would be cumbersome at best, never mind fitting it in a case. The added stress on the neck and instrument would seriously compromise the strength of fiddle as a whole. a.k.a catastrophic implosion!



The neck of this instrument suffered a severe trauma. It was snapped off at a right angle. As a result the edges of of the top where the mortise flares out were snapped off with it. Luckily the neck and ribs were, for the most part, spared. After resetting the neck I cleaned out the gap to fit a new bit of edge to both sides. Here is the cleaned up gap.
And the dry fitted edge. I will scrape to get the final fit.