Finished Neck Joint

         Got a nice fit with an even bead of glue running around the edge of the joint. The neck projection and tilt all held up.  I only needed the two clamps to hold it in place. They were mostly for insurance against getting bumped while drying and to squeeze the neck into the mortise as it swells a little when the hot glue is applied. They also ensure no air bubbles in the joint. The neck actually fit well enough dry not only to lift the body, but hold it horizontally in any direction.

         Here it is 24 hours later with the glue dry. I can't see any gaps or openings all the way around, so now I have to clean up the button and glue the top. I'm going to leave the top block a little large to maximize glue surface (The last block was willow and very small.) I used spruce to save a tiny bit of weight while increasing surface contact. Even so, I can deal with a few extra grams in the body since I don't need that hideous neck wedge anymore.

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